Travel Journal: Documenting Your Journey

The Luckies Travel Journey will soon become your favorite travel buddy. Traveling gives you a supply of information that you never wish to forget, and this is where the Travel Journal becomes an important requirement during your journey. This journal will ensure that your memories are documented permanently. With the Travel Journal, you can not only write about all your experiences, but also scratch each place you’ve visited off the mini maps provided as part of the product.

Some Important Features:

The Travel Journal is presented in a beautiful recycled cardboard presentation folder that has enough space to hold not only the components of the journal, and the maps, but also things such as tickets, boarding passes, stubs and other papers from the trip that you wish to preserve.This product comes with a 64 page diary provided in order to record your experiences of the places you visit and people you meet, during your travels. You also get 8 miniature versions of scratch maps, each map representing a different part of the world. You can scratch of these maps as you visit them and hence recording your journey on the go. What’s amazing is once you scratch off the top layer it reveals information about that particular place underneath.

As a Gift:

The journal is the ideal gift for any aspiring globe trotter who wishes to document his travels. Taking your kids on a trip? Make sure you gift them this journal for them to record their journey. It is surely a fun way of teaching them about places. Gift it to your husband before he goes for his next business trip so that he can share all that he did in that country once he is back and you can be a part of it. At its price, this product proves to be amazingly cheap yet very useful and thoughtful gift.

Materials and Size:

The Scratch map is made up of Paper with a coloured foil layering on the top while the folder is made up of recycled cardboard that protects your documents while you are on the go. The product has been designed so that it can easily be carried around, and so the dimensions of the travelogue are 17 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm.

Ready to explore the hidden treasures of earth then we are here to cover up with travel tips you should follow before planning your journey. Check out travel stories, new destinations, places to visit and all that makes your journey wonderful.


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