The summer travel season has officially ended, and air fare and other vacation prices are starting to drop, according to Fox News. Now you can jump on a plane or book a hotel for 10 to 30 percent cheaper rates. However, there’s another traveling phenomenon that savvy tourists can take advantage of at this time. It’s called repositioning travel, and it’s stunningly cheap in the fall. 

What is Repositioning Travel?

Perhaps you rented an RV for a one-way trip for the summer, or maybe you took part in a one-way cruise, flying back home after the journey ended. Those trips took travel equipment – the RV or the cruise ship – from one vacation hotspot to another potentially less popular location. Cruise  lines and RV rental companies have to reposition that inventory to cater to a new batch of winter travelers. For instance, a summer traveler may have journeyed from the boiling regions of Florida to a cooler climate up in the Rockies during the summer, leaving the vehicle in the mountains to fly back instead. Now that RV service needs the vehicle back for the winter renters who will be arriving in the coming weeks. The same principle applies to cruise lines in less popular regions that need to sail back to where the vacationers are. That’s where you come in.

A Boatload of Savings

According to Time magazine, you can rent that RV for a fraction of the price to drive it back to where it’s needed. For instance, Cruise America is offering RV rentals for $30 per day – they go for up to $100 per day in the summer – for drivers leaving from areas like Denver and Salt Lake City to travel to Mesa, Arizona, where the company headquarters is located.

In that same vein, you can hop aboard a trans-Atlantic cruise traveling back to popular winter ports like Miami and Tampa for cheap, according to MarketWatch. For example, a trip from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Miami will run you less than $30 per night for the 14-day journey at this time, the news source reported. On a more traditional cruise, the fare is more commonly between $50 and $75 each night. That means you could experience the return trip for less than half the price if you act fast.

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